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Hi, I’m Bill Kahn, thanks for visiting my site, “Encyclopedia of Greed.” I enjoy my job helping people avoid being taken in by crooks. Your computer contains a Firewall to protect against unauthorized entry into your computer. Think of my website, lectures and DVD's as the "Firewall For Your Mind" to protect you against being Scammed, Defrauded and Conned. 

I teach that understanding the characteristics of Scams Frauds and Cons is more important than understanding a specific crooked action since you then have a broad set of tools to accommodate different situations. The cornerstone of my work shows you how to recognize and avoid actions that can be detrimental to both your wallet and health. 

Two different Scams-Frauds-Cons topics cover "Predatory" and "Legal-Quasi Legal” actions

The "Predatory" Scams-Frauds-Cons contains 20 different major topics, 71 sub topics, 111 TV video clips by news-reporters and anchors and over 1000 quick to read items of how to spot scammers, defrauders and con-people. The system is different from others in that it gets to the essence of the issue quickly without a lot of reading.

To learn about the related lectures on either topic select the LECTURES-BOOKS-RADIO-WEBINAR button.

To explore details on  “PREDATORY" SCAMS-FRAUDS-CONS  or  "BUSINESS SEMINARS & BOOK   press the appropriate  button on the right.

Yes, it takes more vigilance and hard-working energy to stay on top of things but in the end it's worth it!

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