Often, the companies that sell the cosmetic concoctions, colon cleansers, and supplements make anti-aging claims backed by little or no scientific evidence. In some cases, the pitches even come with phony celebrity endorsements.

  • Does not warn of side effects
  • Critical information uses tiny print, difficult to read.
  • Uses lots of testimonials or anecdotes

  • Amazing pills that will make you look younger

  • Our Top Product, or Top Picks

  • Eliminate Wrinkles in 7 Days

  • 95% of Wrinkle Creams do not work, our does

  • Clinic testing shows ours is best

  • Best Selling Wrinkle Creams of all time

  • Offers money-back guarantees

  • Precision targeting of aging around the eyes

  • Strongest wrinkle treatment ever invented

  • Scientific breakthrough or secret ingredient

  • Product will fight all the signs of aging

  • Amazing pills that will make you look younger

  • Anti-Aging Exposed or Product Warning on other products

  • Disclaimers loaded with fine print

  • Uses celebrities or well-known scientists to sell product

How To Tell   TOP


  • Does not have supportive independent evidence.

  • Claims scientific breakthrough, exclusive product, secret ingredient, or active remedy.

  • States the solution to the diseases is as simple as manipulating a single hormone.

  • Misleading interpretations of studies or outright lies about effectiveness.

  • Disclaimer is loaded with fine print.

  • Claiming seller is on your side.

  • Before and after pictures were manipulated with Photoshop.

  • Before and after pictures first shows a frown with lots or wrinkles and after with a smile.

  • Review site is owned by the company.

  • Site is nothing but self serving reviews pointing to one product, theirs.

  • Selling a Moisturizer as an Anti-Wrinkle Cream and may be an illegal claim.

  • Autoship Program sends you a sample but signs you up for more products unless you opt out.

  • Free trials, monthly commitment, are often complicated and difficult to cancel.

  • Label claims to be an "alternative" to traditional and FDA-approved uses of medications.

Advertisements Tell You A Lot   TOP
  • Seller claims the product advantages are being repressed by the scientific community.

  • Write-up is filled with lots of testimonials or anecdotes.
  • Used by certain cultures for centuries.
  • Person Claims to be a medical doctor or refers to academies and institutes.

  • Uses celebrities or well-known scientists to sell the product.

  • Company sells its own products and also provide unbiased information.

  • Offering money-back guarantees may be just a come on with no back-up.

  • Details are in hard to read small print.

  • How many quality posts does the blog have? If it only has one page and all are positive reviews!

  • Real news sites will have lots of articles, not just one or two.

  • Real news sites do not excessively link to products.

  • Pictures of show lots of doctors in lab coats but have no reputable facilities.

  • Claims that celebrity helped developed the product.

  • Individuals selling their own products are same people claiming to provide unbiased, trustworthy information.

Serious Cautions   TOP
  • Alpha hydroxy types and dermabrasion products can expose your skin to adverse health effects.

  • Chemical peels can have adverse effects later in life.

  • Silicon dioxide makes wrinkles disappear just until your face is washed.

  • No single product will fight all the signs of aging.

  • Check local BBB and state attorney general's office to ensure there are no complaints.

  • Review terms & conditions to make sure you're not agreeing to any automatic charges.

  • Fabricated product certifications information is missing from the information.

  • Never give your credit card information without reading terms & conditions to make sure you're not agreeing to any automatic charges.


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