Miracle Cures cover a wide range of promotions of drugs, devices and foods that have not been proven effective. They usually promise quick and easy remedies for serious medical conditions and can be dangerous if they prevent you from seeking expert medical advice.
  • Promises a quick or painless cure

  • What your doctor doesn't want you to know

  • Claims to be a cure for a wide range of ailments

  • Promises a no-risk, money-back guarantee

  • Limited supplies available

  • Not sold in stores

  • You have to keep buying it to get results

  • Does not describe the side effects

  • Specifies a specific time period for a cure

  • Diagnoses medical conditions from a questionnaire

  • Has undisclosed ingredients

  • Uses the testimonies of well known celebrities

  • Disguise product as alternative medicine

  • Simplifies the complex health treatments of various illnesses



Precautions You Should Take   TOP


  • Avoid advertisements with testimonies from patients/doctors that can't be verified through legitimate organizations dealing with the condition.

  • Claim there is a limited supply of the product.

  • Don't be fooled by the term natural. Arsenic is natural.

  • Health scams increase health and emotional stress, are costly, and can be dangerous.

  • If a product is a cure for a serious disease, it would be widely reported in the media and regularly prescribed by health professionals, not hidden in a newspaper ad, television infomercial, website promotion or e-mails.

  • Legitimate companies don't make claims of no-risk or guarantees.

  • Most health insurance plans wont pay for unapproved treatments.

  • No product/treatment cures a serious condition within a few days or weeks.

  • Only "proof" of a cure is anecdotal, just testimonials.

  • Presents unproven patient testimonials & emotional appeals instead of science

  • Product has not gone through clinical trials, studied in laboratory tests or in animals to determine its safety to humans.

  • Provides no scientific evidence or demonstrated link between the cure and effects.

  • Requires partial or full advance payments.

  • Seller lacks credentials.

  • Sold outside normal commercial distribution channels, i.e. ads or TV infomercials.

  • Uses statements or unproven case histories from so-called satisfied patients.

Youre Kidding   TOP


  • Can cure a disease that hasn't been cured by medical science.

  • Product made from special, secret, or ancient formula.

  • Claims you're sick but just aren't aware of it yet.

  • Didn't work because you did it wrong.

  • Guru gives mystical properties to certain ingredients .

  • Offer an additional free gift or a larger amount of the product as a special promotion.

  • Offer products and services only by mail or from one company.

  • Offers miracle cures where none exist.

  • Receive a product of comparative quality for less money.

  • Sometimes unproven cures can be very dangerous to ones health.

  • Stay away from exotic pills and potions, they are usually just a come-on to a scam.

  • One product/treatment that cures/controls all types of cancer.

  • Stem Cells can cure most any problem today (DO NOT get sucked in) 99.9% are scams. There are some Major USA University Research facilities but even here caution is needed.


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