Public Service Announcements (PSA) are designed to quickly inform about how to prevent the public from being Scammed, Defrauded and Conned by crooks.”  

You may be too busy to scour the Internet or read articles on the wide array of crooked actions taking place. Most people probably feel it can’t happen to them. Others may feel if they don’t have a lot of money no one will go after them; neither assumption is true. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to combat predators who work behind the scenes through mail, TV, email and telephone to get at your money and indirectly affect your health. These crooks are professional, good at what they do.

 The PSA’s address the subjects from a “Characteristic” standpoint rather than concentrating on a specific crooked action most popular at the time. This gives you the tools to understand the widest range of actions which should be taken. 

Each PSA below runs 17 seconds and are available for retirement communities.

Twenty (20) PSA's suitable for TV production, are shown in two composite groups Volume 1 & 2. Individual PSA's are available in AVI, MPEG4, NTSC, MOV and DV formats. 

  What to do when someone contacts you out of the blue. Volume 1
  Words used in advertisements indicating a scam.
  Prevent a major form of Identity Theft for free.

Volume 2
  Careful when advertising personalities are spokespersons.
  Knowing when a financial pitch is phony.


  Just Pay “Shipping” can be a financial disaster.
  Ignore unknown callback messages from outside the USA.
  Weight loss pitches can place your money and health at risk.
  Free trips are not free but usually very expensive.
  Charity telephone call pitches only send a few % to the needy.
  Anti Aging claims are actually only money grabbers.
  A late-night call about an accident or problem is usually a scam.
  Sending money for winning a contest is always a scam.
  Walk away from high pressure tactics, or if feel threatened.
  Handling debt collectors for debts you don't owe.
  Avoid being the cosmetic industries "Guinea Pig."
  Ignore government calls demanding money.  
  Avoid absolute guarantees or no product side effects  
  Understanding that all communications can be faked.  
  Products which cure lots of problems/works on everyone, is a scam.