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The Objective of the Encyclopedia is to inform you of the Tricks used by Crooks to steal your money and affect your well being.

Using short and snappy information, each topic lists Frauds, Scams, Cons and specific Red Flags that should be avoided. You will also find organizations where you can complain about crooks. Mouse over any Index Topic located on the left to see key Red Flags or just click on the Topic itself to enter the Encyclopedia.

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Universal Tips

Do Not take any action if you are contacted by an unknown person via: mail, email, social media, in person, telephone or fax. Although, you might miss an opportunity, you will stay safe.

If it seems too good to be true, it's probably not true

If it's FREE it's NOT


You can view a variety of short video clips of Scams/Frauds/Cons whenever you see this button . Most are from TV station investigative reporters. Although, the clips may not show your town, the issues are out there just the same! Sorry 2-3 have short station ads in front, their not our ads!




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