Timeshare ownerships are sold mostly through high pressure sales presentations. Many victims report that they were made promises that never materialized, booking became a problem because facilities were oversold and statements made that constituted Fraud.

  • Must buy today, or they will not get the same deal

  • There are tax advantages

  • Maintenance Fees will never go up or that they can be offset by renting

  • There is a marketing/rental program that will rent your timeshare for a profit

  • Its an investment opportunity

  • Developer will buy your timeshare or sell it for a profit

  • Presented as "easy to resell"

  • Great discounts on airfare, cruises, hotels, car rental or tours are available

  • Developer will buy your old timeshare or sell it within certain time for a profit

  • Get a big discount to buy before built

  • Its a deeded or like a deeded property

  • Purchase a two bedroom lock-off suite, use one bedroom, rent the other

  • Asked to signed a waiver rescinding your 5 days cancellation right

  • Due to location it is worth more than other locations.

  • Need an upfront fee. 

  • Potential buyer offers you more than your asking price on the timeshare and asks you to refund the difference. 

  • Sold as a good investment opportunity

  • Timeshare purchase will increase in value, sell at a greater price

  • Any mention of a timeshare or the trip being a tax break or incentive

Precautions You Should Take   TOP

  • All documents that require a signature or an initial must have been fully explained by the closing agent or it's a violation of timeshare regulations.

  • Read the contract and have it reviewed by an attorney. If the sales person promised you something that's not in the contract, don't sign the contract!

  • Don't ever, ever, buy (or sell) on the spot without taking time to evaluate whether you are getting a good deal.

  • Timeshare tours over 90 minutes are probably coercion.

  • Foreign based Timeshare contracts tend to be confusing if you are not fluent in the language.

  • Any meeting other than a prescribed sales presentation is against timeshare regulations.

  • Understand what an exchange is, how it works, and the associated fees.

  • Look carefully at a company's web site and make sure it is legitimate and not just a landing page for a a secondary broker.

  • An upgraded to a Timeshare is usually a scam

  • Never give your credit card number to anyone unless you really intend to make a payment.

  • If the promise is not in writing - then it won't happen!

  • Be careful of a phantom accommodation where you pay for a password to access an Internet site listing or timeshares available for rent, but they may not exist.

  • Holiday Clubs are now the "In Thing" with every scammer

Buying - There Are A Lot Of Areas Where You Can Be Taken   TOP


  • Reps indicate they can get you a discount, but has quoted your fee higher than usual to allow for the discount.

  • A company may be more interested on the sale and maintenance fees then the booking time you want.

  • Timeshare is not real estate. The more years that go by it's probably worth less.

  • To hurry you into a sale you may handed off to an "inventory manager" who tells you how much they need your property in their inventory for later sale, and offer you a deal if you get this property listed today (NOT true).

  • Lets you pay half now and defer the other half until after the sale. This is another tactic to hurry you into the sale.

  • Resort has relationships with major banks that will offer an annuity program (Steer clear).

  • Pay an an outside organization an additional 5% of the purchase price to be guaranteed you will receive the entire purchase price back when you want to sell the property.

  • Don't be fooled by promises of unrealistic selling prices

  • Always get the agreement that states you have a  # of days cooling off period.

  • Contracts for a timeshare period of less than 36 months may not provide for a cooling-off period.

  • Experts say. typically time shares are not a good investment

  • If you really want a Timeshare, you can get the same for half the price on the open market.

  • You can  lose 50% or more when you sell

  • It may be cheaper to rent a Timeshare then buy

  • Timeshares come with multiple hidden risks

  • Miss one year of using the Timeshare and financially you're better off without one.

  • Trading isn't near as easy as they claim.

  • If you can't pay in full, it's a terrible deal

  • Travel is not calculated when comparisons of different programs are made

  • Hotel prices are increasing as are time share fees.

  • If for any reason you are not happy or can't afford it, the company will buy it back for a profit next year, This is NOT true.

Selling Is Very Difficult So Tread Carefully   TOP


  • Studies show that there are many more sellers than buyers.

  • Do not pay a fee to list the property

  • Never give an exclusive listing.

  • Never, ever, pay even a dime, for anything to a resale broker before a contract is signed

  • Appraisal Fees are totally unnecessary

  • Don't be fooled by familiar Timeshare names. Many of the reputable ones are closely copied

  • When you choose a resale company make sure they guarantee the timeshare will be transferred and recorded out of your name before you do business with them.

  • Some timeshare companies make you think you can deduct more money than you actually can from your income tax in return when you donate a timeshare property.

  • Companies that charge an upfront fee say then can sell your timeshare for prices comparable to what the resort is selling them for (NOT true).

  • Purchasing your timeshare weeks for the executives of a large, nationally-known company, but you must reserve your spot with a small fee.

  • No company can guarantee the sale of your timeshare.

  • Promises to send you potential buyer information for a fee is a clear scam.

  • The only time you should pay a fee for an appraisal for a timeshare is NEVER.

  • Closing costs are paid at time of closing not before.

  • All commission should be paid when the sale closes NEVER before.

  • Title companies do not collect their fees prior to closing.

  • Don't pay anything to just sell your timeshare.

  • Don't send anyone your Ownership Certificate.



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