Tourists make tempting targets especially overseas. If someone approaches you in the street,
its probably a scam as are any type of distraction that takes your mind off of your money or belongings.

  • Won an all-expense-paid trip-Free vacation

  • Offers to become a travel agent

  • Urgent deal, offer expires at midnight or last day for this offer

  • Join a discount travel club

  • Lots of very small print in a contract

  • Street vendors who approaches you

  • Receive a travel deal by email or phone

  • Your travel may open your home to burglars

  • Travel deals in which the 'availability' is more than 60 days away

  • Dial a 900, 809, 758, 664 telephone number for travel agency/club

  • Companies that have web site with only an email contact

  • Payment required before you receive all the information

  • Wont accept credit cards,  demands direct transfer of funds



Precautions You Should Take In The United States   TOP




  • Airfare may be free, but there could be a clause in the contract that states you must stay in very expensive accommodations.

  • Never buy travel insurance from the company that booked your trip.

  • Beware of strangers who approach you on the street, even if you must be rude.

  • Never give your credit card number over the phone unless you made the phone call and you know that you're dealing with a reputable company.

  • Ask what's NOT included in an offer, e.g. service charges, processing fees, taxes.

  • Get details! If information is vague, drop the investigation.

  • Be wary of travel deals in which the 'availability' is more than 60 days away, there are usually legal limitations.

  • Get copies of everything, e.g. receipts, itinerary, cancellation and refund policies.

  • Never pay to get the information.

  • Read all the fine print.

  • Pay now for future travel is generally worthless.

  • Travel agent trys to sell you a protection plan from an unlicensed company, it is worthless.

  • Legitimate businesses don't expect you to make snap decisions.

  • All information about the trip must be in writing never agree to verbal's.

  • Be wary of "great deals" and low-priced offers, few legitimate businesses can afford to give away products and services of real value or substantially undercut other companies' prices.

  • Placing your business card into a drawing for a free vacation may be nothing more than a telemarketing call-out list.

  • Tour operator may offer you a package for a big event, but may not actually have tickets to the event.

  • Travel agency requiring cash payment are probably worthless.

  • Getting a call for a free trip is a scam.

  • Going to a football game or in long term parking don't leave your GPS, Garage Door Opener, registration/insurance card or other ID in card. Thieves can break into your car, steal information & go to your house

  • On your GPS do not put in "Home" to take you home. Put in another name, like "Grandma"

Precautions You Should Take Overseas   TOP

  • Protect your luggage in crowded transportation areas. Keep it between your legs.

  • Use a money belt, under clothes flat pouch, or a fake wallet stacked with advertising credit cards

  • Don't pay with too large a bill If you do clearly state the value of the bill as you hand it over so there is no misunderstanding.

  • Watch out for a money switch, they may give you a coin that looks like an EU coin but isn't.

  • Treat any commotion (a scuffle breaking out, a beggar in your face) as a potential scam.

  • Say "No" to locals who may want to help you at an ATM or station locker.

  • Official-looking railroad attendants may be looking for more than just helping you.

  • Be suspicious when invited for a drink by someone you just met. if you want to go out together, suggest a place of your choosing.

  • Fake police ask to check your wallet for counterfeit bills or "drug money." Never give your wallet to anyone.

  • Steer clear of groups of raggedy clothed young people.

  • Room "inspectors" are con men.

  • Good-looking woman arguing with a street vendor strips to prove innocence and you'll find your wallet gone.

  • Shop's cashier speaking phone takes a picture of your credit card.

  • To not be overcharged by a taxi driver get a quote before you start and know the route that should be taken.

  • Only buy gems, stones or precious metals at approved government outlets.

  • It may be illegal to buy antiques older than a certain number of years, especially if sold by street vendors, e.g. military medals.

  • If you are approached by someone in uniform with a request, make sure you move into a well-lit or crowded place, ask to see identification and write down the number.

  • Taxi scam will claim they have to make a detour; they must take the auto route/motorway, starting the meter at a higher rate or the meter is broken (write down the agreed amount before you start).

  • Cashiers who "slow count" with odd pauses in hopes the rushed tourist will gather up the money early.




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